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About TDG: Our Advantage

Real-world Logistics Experience 

Our focus is on delivering quality, customized training when and where you need it. We routinely travel and give webinars in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Middle East.

As the owner of the company for the past 20 years, I'd say that the most common advantage I hear from our customers has to do with our practical experience. TDG's staff are not just regulatory compliance experts but are experienced logisticians.

Before starting TDG in 1992 I spent 16 years in logistics management as a station manager, director of operations, sales manager and regional manager for some of the country's largest cargo airlines, forwarders and 3PL companies. Terry Poland, TDG's principal instructor and consultant, is an Air Force Veteran who started as a loadmaster on large military aircraft transporting millions of tons of cargo (hazardous and otherwise) around the world. Terry has over three decades of civilian logistics experience as a Cargo Manager and Director of Cargo for passenger and cargo airlines in Hawaii as well as Regional Management Experience for one of the country's largest freight forwarder.

My background, and that of my instructors, is not just in Dangerous Goods. We think -- as our customers do -- that this is a benefit in delivering a more well-rounded training program to our customers. It's not just about the depth of experience of the instructor, but the breadth of experience as well.

It's one thing to follow the regulations to the letter, it's another to be able to do so in the most efficient, economical and practicable manner possible.

Rapid Custom Software Development - No Development Costs to Client!

Not only do we have over 100 standard training programs for Air, Ground and Ocean Dangerous Goods shipping, but we have the ability to rapidly develop custom training software specifically for your company.

If you have 75 or more employees to train, we can provide you a quote for developing a customized training program based on YOUR products and how you ship them.  We can include copies of your own procedures and even embed your own manuals and forms into the web-based program. Development typically takes 6 to 8 weeks and there is no development fee.  We charge you for a certain minimum number of students up front, and throughout the year as you enroll students, there is no additional charge.  You simply put a deposit down to start development and once complete pay us the balance of the the advance registrations.

Examples of how we have done this for clients:

  • Training program for a large government (State) agency responsible for Environmental Law Enforcement.  This is a 6 to 8 hour training program to teach field agents and inspectors to ship potentially hazardous samples for analysis in enforcement cases.

  • Large international audio products manufacturer specializing in high-end noise-cancelling headphones and "docking" stations for MP3 players. We developed a 4 hour training program to ensure compliance with the lithium battery shipping regulations as well as magnetized materials.  Since a complete multi-modal lithium battery program for both Class 9 and Excepted primary and secondary batteries could take as much as two days, we focused just on the particular batteries they shipped with their products. This greatly reduced the training time.

  • A Medical Devices Manufacturer needed a customized program just for shipping their devices.

  • Fire Extinguisher Service Company. We created a program for shipping fire extinguishers and CO 2 by air and ground.

  • US based airline needed custom training program for their ground handling staff, pilots and passenger service agents.  We not only created a custom program for them that received FAA approval that their recurrent students could take online, but we also provided initial and ongoing instructor-training programs which used our software in initial classroom training.

  • Specialty manufacturer of wax-based paints used in old home restorations needed a training program for resellers of it's products.  We created a 4 hour custom training program that enabled them to easily train their distributors.

When is a Custom Online Training Program most Appropriate?

When you are distributing a limited number of hazard classes and UN numbers.  A half dozen or so different UN numbers is a good example of when this works best, especially if you are using multiple modes of transport.

The normal training time for full IATA Air, IMDG Ocean or DOT Ground training is 2 to 3 days per mode of transport, with a full multi-modal acceptance course taking about a week.

So, being able to create a product that focuses just on your products, the way you ship them that takes 4 hours or less is a huge advantage if you have a lot of employees who need to be trained.  Again, there are no development fees, just a deposit and advance payment for a certain number of registrations over a year's time.  Call us at 1-800-949-4834 for more details!

Feel free to e-mail me with any question.

Jim Powell, President and Founder


Free Support!

Have a hazmat question? Give us a call, we're glad to help.

Phone (800) 949-4834 or fax your Dangerous Goods Declaration to (800) 527-5121 and we will review it for you.

Email: jim@dgtraining.com

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Jim Powell Testimonials TDG Advantage TDG Clients TDG Projects

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