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DOT Online Hazmat Training

We have several DOT online Hazmat training courses for shippers, carriers and forwarders requiring 49 CFR Training for their shipments going by highway as well as for warehouse employees and other hazmat employees who need a general overview of shipping hazardous materials (dangerous goods):  

DOT General Awareness Training
This DOT Online Hazmat Training course is for any employee who works in a position where they are handling or loading packages of hazardous materials such as consumer commodities, or any other HazMat. This training meets the minimum DOT requirements for hazardous materials awareness and recognition of potential Dangerous Goods. Topics to be covered will include Identification, Marking, Labeling, Documentation, Segregation and Placarding, as well as a brief introduction and summary of the DOT, IATA/ICAO and IMDG Hazard Classes.

DOT 49 CFR (Highway) Shipper - Full Acceptance
This DOT Online Hazmat Training course includes 5 modules plus DOT Safety and Security Awareness. Topics covered include; Identification, Classification (Overview), Packing, Marking, Labeling, Documentation, Segregation and Placarding.  The difference between this course and our DOT General Awareness Training is that it provides an introduction into classification and covers the detailed requirements of looking up a substance in the Hazardous Materials Table (49 CFR 171.101) and determining the correct packing, marking, labeling, and documentation requirements as well as special provisions for a given hazardous material.

For this course (as with our IATA Air courses) you must have a copy of the 49 CFR regulations as the goal of this 49 CFR Training course is to teach you how to use the regulations to find the information you need to properly prepare a highway shipment.

Online Hazmat (Dangerous Goods) Training

See a complete listing of all of our Online Training Courses.


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Air Courses Ocean DG DOT Courses Security Specialty (6.2, Class 7, Cons. Commodity)

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