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Online Training: IMDG Ocean


This is a full certification training course for Shippers and Forwarders (covers all non-bulk packaging and IBC shipping). It does not cover Radioactives. The course takes approximately 12 to 18 hours on average to complete. It is much quicker when used for recertification.

The program consists of the 8 modules listed below which are completed one by one, each with their own exam. This method has the advantage of ensuring that you thoroughly understand each module before moving on to the next (so you don't have to wait for one giant exam at the end, you can take it step by step).

For this course (as with our IATA Air and our 49 CFR [DOT Ground]) courses you must have a copy of the regulations as the goal of this course is to teach you how to use the regulations to find the information you need to properly prepare an ocean shipment.

Click here to register for the IMDG Ocean Dangerous Goods Training Program (includes all 8 modules listed below plus DOT Safety and Security Awareness).

Price: $295 per student

IMDG Training Modules

  • Part 1 General Provisions
  • Part 2 Classification
  • Part 3 DG List, Limited Qty Exceptions, Special Provisions
  • Part 4 Packing and Tank Provisions
  • Part 5 Consignment Procedures
  • Part 6 Package Specifications and Testing
  • Part 7 Segregation and Loading
  • Part 8 US Government Exceptions to IMDG Rules

Click here for a full listing of all of our online courses.


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Air Courses Ocean DG DOT Courses Security Specialty (6.2, Class 7, Cons. Commodity)

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