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Instructor Training

We can, under limited circumstances, provide "train the trainer" training where one or more of your employees is authorized as an instructor for our material to be used "in-house" by your company and no one else.

The typical way this work is a multi-step process:

(1) We have the instructor-trainee prepare in advance using our computer based training materials

(2) We teach a class with your instructor-trainee assisting

(3) We spend 1 day with your instructor-trainee preparing her/him for their "solo" class

(3) The instructor-trainee teaches a class "solo" with us assisting

We then provide materials and certifications for ongoing classes taught by your employee(s). We charge a materials and certification fee for each employee trained (typically less than $50).

The cost of the instructor-training will depend on the nature of the courses taught. A "consumer commodity" class which can be completed in 4 hours would require considerably less time and effort than a full IATA or DOT acceptance class.

For example, a typical DOT training class in the use of 49 CFR would take us two days to teach. So for instructor training you'll end up with 2 days of our teaching, 2 days of your employee teaching a different group of students plus one day of debriefing/tutoring. So, basically, 5 days of our consulting/training time.

These methods will meet the DOT/FAA training requirements, however if you want IATA certification, it will have to come through one of our IATA Endorsed initial or recurrent classes taught by us.

For more information e-mail jim@dgtraining.com.

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Air Courses Ocean DG DOT Courses Security Specialty (6.2, Class 7, Cons. Commodity)

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