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Training Quotation

Please e-mail us the following information or just give us a call at (800) 949-4834 and we'll do a quick Q&A over the phone.

Required Information

  1. What type of hazardous materials do you ship? Include the hazard class if you know it.
  2. What modes of transport do you use? (i.e. air, ocean, highway) and how often?
  3. What quantity per package do you ship? (It's important that we know the quantity per INNER packaging. For example, it's helpful to know that you're shipping 5 gallons of paint per box, but how is that packed inside the box? i.e. 5 one gallon cans or one 5 gallon cans? We need both pieces of information.)
  4. Have you been contacted by law enforcement agents already? Was there a spill?
  5. How many employees need training?
    - General Awareness Training
    - Full Acceptance Training

E-mail jim@dgtraining.com or call 1 (800) 949-4834

Free Support!

Have a hazmat question? Give us a call, we're glad to help.

Phone (800) 949-4834 or fax your Dangerous Goods Declaration to (800) 527-5121 and we will review it for you.

Email: jim@dgtraining.com

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Air Courses Ocean DG DOT Courses Security Specialty (6.2, Class 7, Cons. Commodity)

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