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What happens when hazmat kills 110 airline passengers and crew? Listen to the tapes.

I know that sounds sensational and shocking, but if it gets your attention it's worth it. Click here to listen to the Air Traffic Control Tape of the ValuJet crash that was caused by an untrained hazmat shipper. Then come back and take a look at the fines that have been proposed against shippers forwarder and carriers since then.

Links to Criminal Penalties for Hazmat

Click here for some recent info on people who've not only been fined by charged and convicted of to criminal violations of the hazmat regulations.

How HazMat/DG Violators are Caught

Click here for a review of the most common way that shippers and others get caught or are found liable for HazMat/DG Violations. We’ll show you the top 5 mechanisms that trigger a DOT/FAA HazMat/DG investigation and the DOT “whistleblower” options the government gives individuals (and companies) for anonymously reporting violations of the Hazardous Materials (Dangerous Goods) Regulations.

Hazmat Penalties Divided up by Category

One thing that might be helpful is a view on penalties by "category"; many of our customers tell us that they need ammunition in convincing their bosses that they have to do training, so with that effort in mind, we're going to present some of the more recent penalties categorized by commodity.

Penalties Associated with COMAT, Engines, Generators and other Parts and Supplies

This category includes a lot of penalties proposed against aircraft operators, manufacturers and repair facilities for shipping COMAT and other parts and supplies. Click Here.

Flammable Liquids and "Consumer Commodities"*Class 9 or ORM-D

This category includes generally a few ounces to a pint or quart of flammable liquid packagings -- typical violations include Paint, Perfumes, Adhesives, Printing Inks and products that contain Alcohol and solvents. Click Here.

Small Quantities of Aerosol Products

This category includes things like hair spray, WD-40 and other "consumer commodities" in an aerosol form. Click Here.

Toxic Substances (i.e. insecticides)

Click Here.

Other Various Hazmat Items (Corrosives, Radioactive, Class 4)

Click Here.

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Penalty Page Top 10 Causes of Violations Understanding Your Hazmat Liability Am I Personally Liable? FAA/DOT Inspections

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