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Myths #7 and #8

There is a Specific Hazmat Certification Test

Contrary to popular belief, there is no hazmat certification test that is recognized by the US Government. It is up to each employer to determine what type of training and testing suits them best.

There is a Specific Score that is Considered Passing

There is no "passing" score.

This can cause a problem because any score could be a passing score and any score could be a failing score. Here's a specific example. You give a warehouse worker who sometimes drives a truck a 20 question test. Let's say he gets 18 out of 20 questions correct. They scored 90%. That sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, let's say the two questions the employee missed were on Placarding, a vital function for shippers and truck drivers. If they went through a training program and when done, do NOT understand the requirements that apply to their job function, they aren't trained. Period. You cannot use them in a hazmat employee function until this deficit is fixed.

At Transportation Development Group (TDG) LLC- in our hazmat / DG training, we review every question with the students after the test and make sure they understand the correct answer before they leave. We also document that review in a follow-up letter.

Finally we do not "pass" a student on an exam unless they score at least 80%. This is also the minimum score for IATA certification.


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