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Myth #4

Shipments under 1000 pounds by Truck are not Regulated

Nope. This is just wrong. There's no difference, for the most part, between the requirements for ground, air or ocean.

This "myth" got started because some hazardous materials shipped by ground under 1001 pounds aggregate per vehicle don't require placards.

The driver must still be certified, the forklift operator, dock workers, shippers and everyone else must be certified and trained... but at least the driver does not have to get a special "hazmat endorsement" on their license... but that has nothing to do with hazmat training for all hazmat employees.

A follow-up myth is this:

As long as I don't put more than 1000 pounds of hazmat on a truck I'll never have to register with the DOT

Nope. You have to register with the DOT if you transport or "offer" more than 1000 pounds of hazmat for transport. This includes the acceptance function as well.

Let's say you are a forwarder and you want to avoid placarding a truck so you load 999 pounds on each of two trucks and send them to the airport. You are correct in that you don't need to placard the truck (and your driver does not need a commercial driver's license), however, if you have an airbill that shows more than 1000 pounds then you most likely will have to register with the DOT.

Click here for more details on the DOT Hazmat Registration Program.

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