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Urgent: Lithium Battery Shipping News

As you may have heard, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the US DOT (and FAA) and IATA are prepared to implement new lithium battery shipping regulations that will actually require Class 9 hazmat (DG) labeling for some "Excepted" small lithium batteries in addition to package testing requirements. For example, some January 1st even cell phone batteries, or compact camera batteries may require this. In addition, this new Class 9 label for SOME excepted batteries is in ADDITION to the square, red "handling label" (marking) that is already requerd for some excepted battery and equpiment shipments.

Class 9 Hazard LabelAND in addition: Lithium Battery Handling Label

This is a drastic change that also comes with new DG documentation requirements for these "excepted" batteries when shipped in certain configurations, and the threshold to be excepted from these new requirements is now reduced to 2.7 Watt-hours. Yes, two point seven, not 27 (or currently it's 100 Wh!). Your typical compact camera or cell phone has more power than that (i.e. a 3.7 volt camera battery at 900 milliamps [.9 Ah] is still over 3 Wh and thus falls under this new rule. If you have a removable battery in your cell phone -- take a look at the volts and multiply by the amps and see if it's more than 2.7 Wh. Guaranteed, it will be over this new threshold that requires the new hazard label and documentation and package tests in CERTAIN CIRCUMATANCES. There is going to be a lot of confusion about this.

We are scheduling a series of webinars to update our customers and others on the current and upcoming shipping requirements.

The dates that have been scheduled so far include: June 4th, June 19th and July 12th.

You can sign up here for one of the free webinars.

Call 1-800-949-4834 for more information.

Urgent: Consumer Commodity - ORM-D Elimination Starts Next Year

For decades US domestic and trans border shippers have been able to ship a wide variety of "Consumer Commodities" as "ORM-D" ["Other Regulated Materials, Domestic"]. While the other ORM's were eliminated in the early 1990's ORM-D has endured because millions of shipments are moved every year, without hazmat paperwork, as this type of shipment in the United States.

Starting in 2013 the ORM-D classification will be prohibited by Air Transport and in 2014, packages marked ORM-D will no longer be allowed to be shipped by ground. While there are comparable exceptions being put in place for "Limited Quantity" shipments, the marking/labeling is different (now you'll have a diamond label instead of a small rectangle and so your packaging or marketing departments need to know about this now so your packages can be reconfigured for this marking, if needed.

Call 1-800-949-4834 for more information on the ORM-D Elimination and transition.

A Variety of Training Options

Our company (Transportation Development Group LLC) has been in business since 1992 and offers a variety of in person, instructor led or computer based training options.

  • On-site classes. From 1/2 to 3 days we come to your facility, review your shipping procedures and packaging and use this information to customize an in-person class. Usually most cost effective with 6 or more people, this option is available anywhere in the world. We have taught these classes throughout the US, in Hong Kong and even in Saudi Arabia.

  • Instructor-led webinars. We customize materials for you based on the product you ship. It's the same type of content as an in-person class except that you can email us photos of your packaging and other supporting in formation. Typical multi-modal webinar for a single product or two is around 4 hours. Most cost effective when you have 4 or more people.

  • Computer based training (CBT) we have over 50 programs and 100 courses on a variety of Dangerous Goods topics. Courses range from $150 to $295 per person, no minimum. The courses can be taken at any time and you have 3 months to complete the program and the exam(s). Click on the "courses" tab above to a look at just some of the online classes we offer. We to offer multiple student discounts for 10 or more students enrolling at one time. We have had thousands of people using our online training on every continent!

You can view our "about TDG" tab for more information on just some of our global customers.

HazMat (Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods) Penalty Mitigation

We can help you if you are facing a hazmat penalty investigation or have received a Notice of Probable Violation or letter of Investigation from the FAA or DOT. It is so important that you take action immediately -- the very same day you get a notice from the authorities saying that they're "looking into" a possible violation. Don't be lulled into complacency because the agent says "oh, we're just putting a few facts together". While the agents are honest, and not trying to deceive anyone, sometimes it's out of their hands and handed over to the government attorneys. Many shippers are surprised after a visit with a Special Agent that they get a notice of Proposed Civil Penalty or a Notice of Probable violation weeks or months later by registered mail. Call Jim Powell at 1-800-949-4834 to discuss this immediately.





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Free Support!

Have a hazmat question? Give us a call, we're glad to help.

Phone (800) 949-4834 or fax your Dangerous Goods Declaration to (800) 527-5121 and we will review it for you.

Email: jim@dgtraining.com

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Jim Powell Testimonials TDG Advantage TDG Clients TDG Projects

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