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Hazmat Basics

Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on Dangerous Goods.

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are substances or materials capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, or property when transported in commerce.

Some common examples of dangerous goods are:

  • Small lithium batteries (and large ones!)
  • Cosmetics and personal care items (i.e. 1 oz bottle of nail polish)
  • Medical Specimens (Infectious or Biological Substances)
  • Medical Supplies (may contain dangerous chemicals)
  • Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen (Refrigerants)
  • Pesticides
  • Machinery (may include compressed gases, batteries, flammable liquid or residue)
  • Environmental Samples
  • Any liquid that gives off "flammable" vapors (i.e Adhesives and Paints)

For a full list of "hidden" dangerous goods from the IATA DGR click here.

Many items with consumer warnings or "signal words" such as those listed below may indicate the presence of dangerous goods -- especially the most serious signal word which is "Danger".

Signal Words you may see on a Package:


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